Jumbo by Cecil / Aunty Mandas XXXXX

How I will miss you Jumbo ~ you were my very “spech neph” ~ my hairy nephew .
When I first met you I fell in love with you, what a personality.
You were my very favourite nephew and I know that you knew that.
You consoled me when Odie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and now I must help your Mummy get through the loss of you in her life.
You are so very missed little man.


by The Murphy Family. / Your Mummy XXXXX

I cannot believe that it is a month tomorrow that you left us Sam.
We were at the lake this past weekend and we put bricks around your grave and the wildflowers that we planted are starting to grow although I think that we will not see them flower until next year.
Daddy made you a cross with your name on it.
I am missing you so much and I keep on expecting you to just run in the room with Jade ( your four legged sister).
It stormed the other night and I knew that you were not afraid anymore because you dont have thunder where you are at.
Are you playing with Jumbo or Odie or Hannah?
Gosh I miss you so.


Sampson {Sam} by The Murphy Family / Always in our hearts,

Mummy, Daddy, Brothe

Sampson ~ Sam ,

You are missed so very much.
How do we even start…..we miss your treat dance…your paw on our arm so that we would pet you…your warm pink belly…your loud yawns…your barking when the postman would deliver the mail…your whining when you knew the pizza had arrived because Daddy would always feed you his pizza crust!!!Even though you were nearly 10 years old you would still act like a puppy when you played with your niece and nephew doggies…You always loved going up North to the lake and now you are there forever my love.