by Christina / Mom

Nac was a wonderful find. He was loving from the start. He enjoyed exploring and never missed a meal. He got along with his cat family, Fog, Donya, Nik and Cookie. He allowed the dog, Hermione, to chew on him. The learned to be good friends. Nac wasn’t afraid of any thing. His greatest love was romping the outdoors. I would call him a jokester. I will miss him lying on my pillows next to my head; him sitting on the computer desk when he is hungry. His insistence to being let out to roam the neighborhood to explore. This is what ended his life his love of the out doors. Last night, as I reviewed my emails, I heard a truck barreling down the road. That “clunk” sound rang out. I knew in my heart what had happened. I went out several times to look. Each time I did not find any thing. I grew tired and retired to bed. The dog was acting funny this morning. I went to the back door to check, no Nac., Then to the front. On the lawn, lay a gray blob. I knew that was him. My fleeing thoughts prayed that he was just napping. Not Nac, he was always on the go-go-go. I called out 2 times. I knew it was over. I quietly walked over. I bent down petted him. I removed his collar and did what needed to be done. His life was cut too short.

His life was filled with a wonderful family of pets. His cat family: Fog, Donya, Nik, and Cookie and his best friend, Hermione the dog. They all miss him terrible. I will miss him the most!