Whiskers by Colby / Mom

When I was 7 years old my one wish was to have a kitten. I told my parents over and over that was all I wanted for Christmas, a female kitten. I made a list from the floor to the ceiling saying Kitten over and over. On Christmas morning I was so exited that I ran right past my dad and started opening presents. When I looked up my dad was holding the cutest kitten I have ever seen. I named her Whiskers.
I then became a parent.

At 7 years old I learned what it was like to truly love someone. I would tuck her in at night and she would sleep in my doll crib all night. When my dad died she was the one thing I wanted to be around. She helped me through all of it; I couldn’t have done it without her. As I grew up she remained my daughter. As the years went by I only grew to love her more. Then I went through my I hate everyone and want to die phase. When I was suicidal I often thought of her and no longer wanted to leave. I feel that in some way she saved me. All my life we have had so many sick cats that have died but Whiskers was never sick.

When they said he had a kidney disease they said he should be ok. But then one day, they said they couldn’t believe it. The disease wasn’t supposed to do this. We should have had more warning. They also said Whiskers is a boy. It turns out that because I wanted a female and the cat that my dad thought was perfect for me was a boy…so he and the vet told me it was a girl!!! So now we wait. We give him an IV everyday to keep up fluids, but his kidneys have failed and there is nothing more to do. I just have to sit back and watch my child die.