Oliver by Dee, Mark, Matt and Katie / Mommy

We named you Oliver because you were orphaned and abused by someone who didn’t have any idea what a special, loving dog you were. We found you at the river, dirty and hungry, and we always said you were just a dumb mutt, but the truth is you were smart enough to know we couldn’t resist your charms and we would bring you home.

You attached yourself to my side and I always knew you would be one step behind me, sometimes tripping me up, but always protecting me. When the vet said you had a tumor, I tried not to be afraid, but I knew deep in my heart that you might be leaving us. After 12 years it’s hard to believe that you are gone. It seems so sudden, so unfair. You were so full of life, we didn’t even know you were sick and then it was too late. We took your ashes back to the river and put you back where we found you.

We miss you so much, I’ve cried every day since you’ve been gone. We’ve talked about getting another dog but I haven’t been able to bring myself to even look because I fear I will never find a dog as great as you. I love you!


Stanley by Dee / Mommy


I miss you so much you were my first and most loyal furry friend, my buddy through thick and thin, my “old man” who loved nothing more than to sit in the sun on the front porch or in the flower garden. Now you will be in that garden all the time, napping in the sun. I still can’t believe you’re gone and think I hear your meow down the hall. But then I remember my sweet little Stanley is gone. But never forgotten. My broken heart will not let your memory go. I still dream you are sleeping on my pillow curled around my head ….