by Jane / Grannie

RIP Curly 1996 – 2010
The day I saw Curly he was so small only 3 lbs.
We both made eye contact and thought
to each other there is my soul mate.

Curly, you have been thru alot first your open heart surgery when you were only 6 months old and then to find out you were deaf. They did not expect you to live the first year, but you were a strong poodle and surprized everyone. The years with you were amazing I would not trade anyone of them for anything else.

You love to be rocked like a baby and was very spoiled. I loved spoiling you so that was ok. You got along with the rabbit and the bird, but you loved people and they loved you right back.
You had such beautiful eyes that grandmother use to call you Buttoneyes. You were my soul mate, my friend but most of all my loving dog who was always at my side. Curly the years went by so fast. Time can play a mean trick on us you started to get sick not remembering many people or things. Then you had your stroke and I just could not see you in pain any more.

I talk to you, to tell you that God wanted you to go to heaven with him and by the look on your face I knew it was ok. I lay you to rest on 9/11/10. But my Dear Curly the tears do not stop. I miss you so much. What a great dog you were. Pleae know you will
always be in my heart and mind.

I love you dearly sweet baby.
Rest in God’s arms now Curly.