Sylvester by Jeannie and Dave / Love,

Jeannie & Dave

Sylvester was a wonderful cat. I remember the day I picked him up. He was the most playful kitten in the litter. It stormed all the way home & Sylvester was so scared. Till the last moments with him he was not pleased with any storm, especially thunder. I was only 20 years old when I got him. He was my best friend and my husband’s best buddy. He grew old with both of us.

I still check the chair he layed in when I come home from work. The pain in my heart aches for the great loss. He brought so much happiness in to our lives. We loved him so much. The memories of him will always stay fresh in my mind. No other cat will replace his loving nature. Sylvester was one in a million to all cats. Best CAT in the whole world. Jeannie & Dave. 12-6-06


Crystal by Jeannie / Jeannie & Dave

I received Crystal in 1984 from a co-worker. She was a tiny pretty kitten.I was at the time around 22 yrs old. I grew old with Crystal, she was my “girlfriend”. In the beginning she would follow me around in the house and as she got older she slept more and relaxed more as cats do.

She was the the most loving cat. She would greet me at the door with a meow. Meet me in the morning while I put my shoes on. When she slept with me she would sleep so close to me. She had a happy life, and was loved a lot. Crystal left us with peace. Her body just shut down because of her age. I will always remember her and I miss her terribly. I hope that someday we will meet on Rainbow Bridge. She brightend my life!