by Jenna / Mommy

No, no, I don’t want to go now! Not at all!, thought Sparky as an angel came looking for him, I can’t just not bark goodbye, or give them a final tail wag… their sleeping! I’ll wake them up!

He rushed to upstairs where his family were sleeping. “AHAA!” said the angel, “You need to go now! You’re suffering, with pain! We can’t let you stay much longer, come on, Sparky!”

Sparky teared. “Come on, we only have a half hour until… the journey ends and you have to stay down here, dead, forever! I’ll guide you in the Angel-Cab,”

Sparky stepped out of his body and ran after the angel to the Angel-Cab.

After a long nap and some HUMAN food, Sparky looked at his watch. Twenty minutes left. No problem! He looked at a sign, it said Rainbows Bridge, Pet’s Heaven.

A large rainbow crossed. “You must rush over the rainbow, then soon as the light appears it will transport you to Rainbow Bridge. You must go, go now!”

Sparky rushed out. The sun was shining, it looked beautiful. A large meadow, about one million feet tall, or even taller, and then Boots smiled. “Hi, sweetie! Welcome to R.B.! Rainbow Bridge, silly!”

She whispered, “That’s my job, about thirty pets an hour come every day, I… well everyone get’s jobs! To raise money, of course!”

She said in normal voice, “Check the Job’s Board for the pending jobs! Maybe babysitter? Because ALOT of pregnant animals die and give birth here! At a real live hospital! Not vet! Can you believe it?”

“No, I can’t, what are Charlie and Shadow?”

“They both own the Pet Palace, that’s a pet home. Yes, you can live in hotels, apartments, or mansions for free! Also we have home service! I have fifteen hours each day off, and my man O-la enjoys greeting pets! So he gets many many hours to do it! Ew… off my shift… O-LA!”

“I live in the Pet Palace. They have free groomers, human food, luxary furniture and HUMAN beds, T.V.s, classes (for babies), and we can be roomies! Already Charlie and Shadow are!” said Boots.

“Yeah, count me in! Just what WE wanted!”


Charlie by Jenna / Mommy

It brings tears to my eyes,
to know when you were a kitten you had no idea..
that one day when you die, or a friend dies,
it’s hard enough to cry.
I feel so foolish, to let you go, we should have acted quicker than let you die.
I guess it was you’re time…
but my dream and wish was that we die together…
To let you stay, I would have given up a trillion dimes.
It’s time to say hello again. I’ll chatter to you with pray 🙂
Not like it’s anything new!
I love you dear… you’re the apple of my life, and the seed of my tree, and the acorn for the squirrel…