Louie by Jenny / Mum & dad

To my boy Louie,

Louie walked into my life and heart on Dec 13th 1991 and I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you.We called you my boy or son and you always came to those names. You gave us so many years of joy and love. But being a white cat who loved laying in the sun you eventually succumbed to cancer even though we spent thousands on you having it cut out. Finally the vet could do no more and you became weaker and stopped eating. We knew then it was time. My heart was breaking as I held you in my arms for the last time as the needle went in and whispered I love you.No one should be made to feel that pain. I carried you home in a white blanket and gently put you on a chair so the other cats could say goodbye.

On a wet thundery winters night we buried you under the fountain and my heart broke to lose you.I love you and miss you my boy Louie. Thank you for your love & affection.