Sewer by Katrina / Katrina

Sewer I didn’t know him for long. My friends and I found him in the sewer. So I went in and got him, but when I got him out he couldn’t walk so we took him to my friend’s house and called the cops. The cop came to her house and said that he can’t take it because it was hurt. So her mom called around and no one wanted it. I had to go home and we brought it home with me and my dad said yes so we had to see what my mom said when she came home. When she did me and him were sleeping on the floor. My mom said that we could have it but we need to see what was wrong with him so she called the vet.

We took him to the vets and left. She called us back and to tell my dad he had to be put to sleep because he was hit by a car. His bladder was squished so he couldn’t pee. She said that he was hurt for like two or three days. She let me come and say good bye. He didn’t even know that he was hurt. But they had to put him to sleep on the 17.


Sewer by Katrina / Kat

Sewer was a good and fun cat to play with. I found sewer beside the road heard him crying for some help so I did. I had the most funniest time I could with him cause I knew I had to let him go. I took him to the vet to see if he was ok. She told me to go home then they would call me to come back to see him. When they called again to come and
say good-bye to him.

I didn’t want to let go of him when I got to hold him they had to put him down because he was hit by a car and broke his back bone and he could not go to the bathroom but even though I didn’t know him that much I still loved him like crazy but I know him and my other cat picked the one out I have with me now. His name is Cogger and the other cat that picked him out with Sewer was Adidas.
I love all them ever much.