by Launa Sukal / Launa Sukal


From the moment I saw you
And brought you home,
I loved you.

As I watched my Princess tell you all her secrets
And her hopes and dreams,
I loved you.

As she cried and held you close
And told you of those who betrayed her that day,
I loved you.

When I snuck into her room at night
And watched as you dreamt beside her,
I loved you.

When the girls “camped out” in their doll house
And you kept careful watch over them,
I loved you.

As you barked and paced back and forth
Because the girls had wandered too far away,
I loved you.

While playing hide and go seek
And watching you trying to find me,
I loved you.

As I looked in amazement at the disappearing act
Of an Egg McMuffin,
I loved you

As I let you hide from the storm
While the rain and thunder seem to call your name,
I loved you.

As I watched youth escape your grasp
And old age take hold instead,
I loved you.

As I watched the earth cover you whole
And knew I’d have you no more,
I loved you.

Fiji, I loved you and will always love you… 07/17/07 Launa Sukal