Clarence by Linds / From Linds xxxx

Sooty as he was known then, arrived at the veterinary center my mum works at for his teeth check up and sort out. He has a problem with his teeth and they grow the wrong way so they have to be taken out. His owners agreed they can’t keep doing this every few months because it would cost to much. My mum is mad on rabbits and one of her work mates comes up to her and asks if she will come and see this rabbit as soon as she saw him she fell completely in love with him. They told her they where looking for a new home for him and because my mum works at the vets she gets a bit of a discount on the things so a few weeks later she brought him home.

As soon as I saw him I fell completely in love with him as well. We didn’t really like the name so we decided to change it to Clarence because his a lion head cross. He was the sweetest little thing when you cut out the mornings and the going to bed bits. He was a house rabbit and used to sit by the radiator behind the chair. He had a little rabbit harness and went running round with it on.

Then one day mum came home and picked him up and goes he has a lump on his chin she checked it out and realized it was an abscess. I was shocked at the news when she told me. She took him to work to have it taken off and i couldn’t concentrate or anything at school.

One of my mates noticed and asked what was wrong and I told her and because she liked dear little Clarence as well she was shocked. She tried to reassure me that he will be fine and will be running round as normal when I get home that cheered me up a bit. I wanted to get home quickly to see if he was ok but when I walked through the door I walked into the living room and the door was wide open and none of his things where there. I walked up to mum tears starting to gather in my eyes and asked “Where’s Clarence ?” She looked at me and said he died and my heart sank and I just felt empty and lost. My poor boy gone forever. I’m never going to see him again. I’m never going to walk in and see this little black pom pom looking thing shoot across the room and sit by the telly. Mum said he had the anesthetic and went down but died under the anesthetic they tried to revive him and did all they can but it wasn’t enough and he passed away.