Bobay by Lucy / Your Momma

My Dear Sweet Bobay,

I miss you sweetheart angel. You were the nucleus that held all of us together. You leave behind your kitty and doggies brothers and sisters who also miss you. You were the kitty matriarch and this house just doesn’t feel the same without you. I think about you all he time and call your name out just like I always did when you were on this earth. I know you lived a long life, but I only wish you could
have been with us longer.

You were and are still my angel and I will always love you for the sheer joy and happiness you brought me over these years. I am so blessed to have had a sweetheart and special cat like you. You are in heaven now and God knows how much I adore you and miss you. I will see you in my dreams where I hope I can kiss your pink lil nose, pinky toes again and give each other gentle head butts like we always did. I miss you so much.