Sassy Tiger Boy by Lysia / Your best friend

Tiger was a beautiful brindle greyhound who was an active racer. I used to work at a track and on my first day he came right up to me and stole my heart. There was something so special so soulful that he stood right out of the group of 50 greyhounds. Perhaps it was his big brown eyes or his loving disposition.

On my first day he broke his hock and could no longer race. So for 8 months he was my best friend. He would always lean up against you and look up at you like you were his world. I left the track and on my last day I promised I would save him from that horrible place. I came back for him two months later, just in time but I had no where to put him so he stayed at the animal hospital I was working at. I found a home for him very quickly, my sister saw a video of him and saw those eyes and
he stole her heart.

He was neutered one day and something went horribly wrong. He had a bad reaction to the anesthetic and his organs began to fail him. My sister and I tried desperately to save him. Days and nights of antibiotics and IV fluids. Just when things were turning for the better, or so it seemed, he passed. It was the middle of the night and he was crying and pacing so I took him off his IV. I knew he was dying so I held him close to me and he looked at me like he was sorry and I just clung on to him tighter and after what seemed like an eterniy of crying and coughing my tiger died.

He had such a short time but he was loved by anyone who met him and I am just very thankful he got to know what a “home” and family was before he left. Thanks to my sister and all who tried to save him. I love you tiger and will forever miss you!