Smokey by Marilyn / Marilyn x x x x x

Smokey, my babe.

You were the perfect cat.
The one that if I had had to buy you I would of chosen,
I took you in, a fostered cat from the R.S.P.C.A.
You were absolutely gorgeous.
How any one could of parted with you I will never understand.
You were so affectionate, so loving,
Everytime I picked you up your paws used to go round my neck so lovingly.
Our time together was so short.

Memories are the loveliest things,
They last from day to day,
They can’t get lost,
They don’t wear out,
And can’t be given away.

Play happily at Rainbow Bridge babe,
you are free from pain.


Smurf by Marilyn / Marilyn

What a little horror you were.I took you on from the R.S.P.C.A as you were un- rehomeable. So nasty, not really, but i wanted to give you a chance.You would rather bite me then let me love you. I was never without scratch or bite marks, but i loved you.You loved sitting out in the garden.You lived happily with me for four years, you were never really a problem. Just nasty. The last three weeks of your life were really magic.You let me cuddle you, give you a brush and comb, you could be so loving. Sadly,it was to last only a short time, it was as if you knew. Complications set in.You were diagnosed as having kidney and liver problems, also throat cancer, i had to let you go.
Memories are such lovely things,
They last from day to day,
They can’t get lost,
They don’t wear out,
And can’t be given away.


Percy by Marilyn / Mum

You came into my life three years ago, an unwanted pet. I immediately remarked how much like Percy Sugden in Coronation Street you looked like. So, Percy you were named. What a beautiful boy you turned out to be. Straight away you became a house rabbit. You had the run of the house, slept on the bean bag at the side of the bed, always laid out on the carpet in the sun, every night you came and sat at the side of the bed, sat up asking for a biscuit.

You were just a wonderful character. Although you had your own space you only went ‘back home’ to eat. Today, after having treatment for a poorly eye, for three weeks, I found out your complaint went deeper, and there was nothing else could be done for you. Sadly I had to let you go.
No more treatment, no more pain.
Percy I will miss you so much.
Sleep peacefully babe.


Natasha by Marilyn / Marilyn

What can I say,
I am just lost for words,
Little did I know that morning that you wouldn’t be with me in the afternoon.
We got up that morning, you were fine,
You were asleep on the settee when you had a stroke in your sleep,
Such a shock.
Although I got you to the vet straight away there was nothing she could do to save you,
Sadly, I had to let you go.
We had nearly seventeen years together.
You never was one for going out for walks, you were happy playing in the garden with Tamlyn.
Play happily now with Tamlyn at Rainbow Bridge.
I miss you both so much.
Till we meet again.