Princess by Morgen / Always SISIE I LOVE YOU!

The best day of my life is when Princess came into it! I could see already that she was going to get picked on, so I played with her and gave all the love that I had and the day came when my mom said that we must give her away and she was in a litter of 6 and 3 boys and 3 girls!

A few weeks later after my mom told me that I had to get rid of the pups, one of her sisters had been taking and one of her brothers to! I knew her relationship between me and her was coming to a end so I cried for 6 straight hours because somebody called and said he wants a girl and that’s when I really bursted out in tears!

2 weeks passed and the woman never came and got her so joy was coming back into my life and I was in a better mood those days! Well I was at my cousins for 2 whole weeks and when I came home that Sunday my mom was crying and I knew somthing bad was wrong with he so I asked her what’s the matter? And she said Princess has ran off. She ran away the 2nd day you were gone and hasn’t been back that’s when I threw down my stuff and just cried in the floor and I couldn’t understand why she would leave us like that?

Then I thought she probably was missing me and went to look for me my mom said I just don’t know hunny but I know that you love her so but things happen and I want to tell her this