Princess by Nandini / Your best friend Nandini

As I walked across my lawn,
I heard a soft and weak miaow,
I began to look all around,
To see where she was and how.

Cowering behind a big flowerpot,
She carefully peeped out,
Before I could give it a thought,
The sound escaped her tiny mouth.

A helpless little kitten there stood,
She seemed to say-“I’m all alone,”
I knew; pick her up I should,
I almost heard her say-
“Could you please give me a home?”

Ginger-white fur, a bushy tail,
Pretty brown eyes, two white paws,
To melt my heart she didn’t fail,
The prettiest kitten you ever saw.

I picked her up and took her in,
She was in my arms, purring away,
As I set down a bowl of milk,
I decided to let her stay.

Princess is now my kit’s name,
She loves us with all her heart,
With her we love playing games
And from her we can never be apart.

She runs wild when a ball we throw,
She curls up on my bed to sleep,
She eats chocolate, biscuits and laddoo,
And our company she likes to keep.

Now she’s more than a year old,
We love her from the bottom of our hearts,
She listens to what she’s told,
And we never want to be apart.

(This poem was written exactly a week before Princess passed away on 10th July 2003.)