Sheila,Taffy,Cera by Rosemary / Mommy

My Girls,
These are my girls, the girls I miss so much. We have Sheila the mommy cat, Taffy her daughter, and Cera the granddaughter. I lost Sheila and Cera two years ago and Taffy was the most recent on Sept. 28th,04
They were all beautiful cats, each with their own personlity. They gave me so much love, that when they passed I felt so lost without them. This trubute is for all of them as a wonderful family that loved each other, and I them. They will never be forgotten. I will have their memory in my heart and always carry their love with me.
I never can’t stop saying over and over again I love you all and Taffy especially. When I cried, she comfort me.
May you all walk with St. Frances and may He take care of you now, just like I did when you were on this earth.


Taffy by Rosemary / Mommy

My Special Taffy

Taffy was my special cat she was my special girl,

soulmate and friend. I miss you so very much

Taffy. I miss you more each day. I can still

remember how you would sleep next to me and how

you would sleep on my back and purr so loud. When

I would cry you would touch my face with yours.

almost telling me that I would be ok. Your things

are in the same place. I miss you baby girl. But I

know that you are free from pain, I’m so sad that

I can’t have you next to me. I have your ashes on

my night stand. Dinah your sister still looks for you.

So we cry together.

St. Francis will take of you now.

I love you so much Taffy………always