Ashley by Ruth / Mommy


I thought you would live forever—
Your death never crossed my mind.
You were always such a good baby,
It hurts to be left behind.

I couldn’t watch you get sick again,
Your suffering made me cry.
The doctors had no solutions,
Nothing else I could try.

I took you to the vet that day,
My eyes were full of tears:
Not wanting to give up on you
After our wonderful 15 years.

I held you in my arms that morn’,
My tears soaked through your fur;
You never squirmed or tried to run,
You didn’t even purr.

Somehow you knew your time was up,
From pain you’d be set free.
You let me hold you tight and cry,
I wished it could be me.

The doctor gave you drugs that day
To stop your beating heart;
I held you close as you went to Heaven,
And then I fell apart.

I lost my very best friend that day,
How could I possibly go on????????
My life will never be the same
With my little baby gone.

I miss you more than words can say,
My heart has a hole inside.
The day you left to go to Heaven
A large part of me died.

A year has passed since that black day,
Yet the tears still freely flow;
I miss you just as much today
As I did one year ago.

I’m sure you’ve made some friends by now,
As by Rainbow Bridge you play;
You’re a healthy little kitty, now,
With no pain to get in your way.

I’ll keep your memory in my heart
Until my days are past,
Then I’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge,
Where we can cross at last.

I’m not sure what lies beyond The Bridge,
But it doesn’t matter to me:
I’ll finally have my best friend back,
My tears will turn to glee.

January 7, 2012