Milo by Samantha / xxxxxx Mummy xxxxxx

This is a tribute to you Milo, during the short time we spent together you stole my heart. I don’t think I realized how much I actually loved you till you were gone and I know I took you for granted while you were alive.

I owe you everything I have and more. I truly believe you were sent to me as a saviour a second chance for me to pick myself up and get myself back on track. You were my companion, my confident, and my best friend. To anyone else you were just a dog to some you were an inconvenience but to me you were the world,
a true angel in fur.

From the very start my gut feeling told me I didn’t have you for long but as usual I ignored it. Even after the Staffordshire Bull Terrier attacked attacked you, if it wasn’t for the collar, choke chain and bandanna you were wearing you’d of been a gonna then; then you got hit by a car and broke your jaw I thought that was the end that day. When I saw you in the vets all covered in blood, the way you looked at me
that day broke my heart. You were so helpless.

You came out of the vets a week later, your old self apart from the wire sticking out from your chin. I thought I had you back for good that day little I know less than a month later you’d be dead.

I won’t go into details of that dreadful day as I’ve shed enough tears while writing this it was most definitely the worst day of my life. I cradled you lifeless body removing your collar and bandanna I still have them, you looked as though you were sleeping i begged you to wake up at one point I even thought I heard you sigh I know you didn’t though you had broke your neck thankfully
you died instantly.

On a happier note I believe you left for a reason as I said I believe you came to me as a saviour and you truly were. I believe you left because your job was done I had met Carl who you knew would carry on your job and love me for all my faults and teach me to appreciate those
who truly love me.

I end this tribute by expressing my thanks to you for being the best companion, friend and confident anyone could ever ask for I Love You Milo as I always will. I still miss you but I know for sure I will see you again one day.
See you boy, my baby miles.