Bailey by Janet and Claude / Mom, Dad, Shannon, Robin and Vik

Our handsome Chow Chow Bailey crossed the Rainbow Bridge a month ago and our hearts are broken. I hear you and see you every where. I know you are well and happy in Heaven and I am sure you have met with your brother Jade and of course the cat you grew up with Mineoux. We will see you again someday Bailey. Your Mom and Dad and two sisters and brother in law miss you terribly. Love you forever. xxxooo


by Janet and Claude / Mommy

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Jade’s crossing the rainbow bridge and my heart is aching today as much as it did 3 years ago.

Jade came to us as the smallest in the litter. He grew to become a beautiful chow chow, who we loved and adored. Jade loved convertible rides and looked very cute in his bubble jacket purchased for him by his sister Robin. He loved walks, chasing squirrels and running in his back yard. We only had Jade for 9 1/2 years.

In October 2002, we noticed Jade was making funny noises in his throat. We took him to the clinic and were told it was just an infection. We were given antibiotics and sent home. Jade seemed to be a little better but then just before Christmas 2002 we knew it was much worse than an infection. On December 23, 2002 Jade was diagnosed with throat cancer and my husband held him in his arms as he took his last breath.

We have Jade’s urn at home in a special place along with his picture and tonight we will burn a candle in his memory. We know Bailey our 2 year old chow chow would have loved to run and play with Jade. They would have been best friends.

We just wanted to wish our beautiful boy a Merry Christmas and know we will meet again in heaven. For now, run and play and have fun. We miss you Jadepoo.