Squeaky by Steven / Steven

Life really isin’t easy, it never really has been. That’s much clearer, now that you’re gone. When we brought you home, I was only a few years old. You bonded with me, you stayed with me, and you were unconditionally there for me through every difficult situation I faced growing up.

You grew up with me. And of all the people, of all the humans, that have prominently been in my life, so many have come and gone. Lost friends, struggles, problems tearing relationships apart, and you were always there. Every day, every night, no matter what. Watching over me.

You were my most treasured childhood friend. I love you with all my heart, and now you’re gone. And the only thing I’m left to think of, or left to feel, is how much I really miss you. But I do know you will live forever, with me.