Frankie by Susannah / Mommy. xxx

My two Little black treasures were found in a bag at 4 and a half weeks old. They were took to the Cats protection leauge, where we found them, at 9 weeks.We then found the first kitten,Benny, had a stomach infection, and Frankie, the second kitten, had a heart murmur,but they soon both got better. They lived happily with us until they were about 7 months old. When I was out, mummy found Frankie panting.She took him to the vets, and he was kept in for tests. When we got the call, we found, little fammy fam,That’s what we call him, had had a heart attack, and died. Oh, my little angel, I wish I had a chance to say goodbye to you.I wish you wouldn’t have left my little baby. Benny and me miss you so. We’ll miss you forever my baby.