Evie by Tanya / Mommy

It was 1 year ago when my Aunt Beth had found these baby kittens that their mom left by her house. My Aunt Beth was saying that she will be giving away the kittens when they were able to be be on there own. Well my mom said that I could have the one kitten that I wanted and I chose a very cute fluffy fat gray kitten that reminded me of my first cat that I had since I was a baby.

I took the kitten home and I call her Evie. She was only 6 weeks old when I got her. I went to my Dad’s house for a school year and my mom said she will take care of my kitten which she did. The only reason why Evie died is because she got this sickness that can kill an animal in 24 hours. Well my mom called me well I was at school which she left a message on the answering machine saying that Evie had died. I cried for 3 days. I didn’t eat anything for 3 days. This is my story about how my kitty died.