by Teresa / Your Mom,Teresa

I remember the first time I saw you. It was a cold November day and I was on my in to work. You were at the door of my workplace wanting in from the cold. I took you back out to may car and put you inside. I also gave you most of my lunch cause you were so hungry. I did all this even though I knew I would be late for work. When I had a chance I called my brother to come out to work and pick you up out of my car and take you home. He told me later, that when he got to my car and unlocked it that you were just sleeping peacefully and unconcerned. You fit right
in with out growing cat family.

It seems like we just can’t turn anyone away. We always make room for more. I have people thinking that I and my brother are crazy cause we have so many pets. But someone has to try and take care of the ones that have been tossed aside like an empty bottle. Many people get kittens cause they are so cute, but when they lose their cuteness, they are so often tossed out to fend for themselves. This was your case wasn’t it. We named you Cameo. You were a good cat.
Very loving and hardly no trouble.

You were with us for 12 years. You made us laugh and now that we had to let you go, you made us cry. But I know that you are in a better place and not in any pain. You are young again. Keep watch for us. When it is time, we will be all together again.