Shadow by Toria Belliotti / Forvever,



It’s been a long Time since your passing and I am still missing you. It’s Winter here. I was right you couldn’t of made it thtough this winter because of how cold it was. I am in 8th grade now. I was only in 3rd grade at the time you were around. I wish you could have lived more then 10 years
but I know it was time.

Shadow A. Belliotti

The “A” stands for his old family the “B” stands for his Family till his Death

By The Way your old family recanly moved back into the Area. They now live in Rodchester

In Loving Memory,


Buddy by Toria {Not Owner- Cousin} / Toria Belliotti

Buddy was my best friend. I loved him so much. He was an old dog and was put to sleep before I could say goodbye one more time. I miss him really badly; he was the greatest dog but he was not the only friend I have lost these years after Chip died 2001 Shadow in 1997 so I miss them all a lot. They are gone but will be remembered.

My cousin got Bailey a dog after Buddy died but Buddy you won’t be replaced ever. She also got Bailey’s daughter Shebly both Labradors like you. Bailey reminds me of you a little bit but not much. She very funny, though.

I do miss you more all those years of playing fetch in the hill in their yard. I wish you could do one more game of fetch.

Rest in peace.


Buddy by Toria / Toria

Buddy was the greastest friend of all. I really miss him. I knew him from the age of 4 to the age of 8. I really wish he was with me when I am older because I don’t
have much to remember him.

I love him.
I really miss you boy.


by Toria- Just a friend to Buddy / Toria

It all Started with Buddy a Yellow Lab. He Died when I was in second grade of old age then Bailey came along she is still here. Then Had a baby Black Lab name Shelby who died this Summer at the age of 3 from Lyme disease. I miss her so much because I only saw her Once but I know her and Buddy are having a great time in Heaven. I will Miss them. I will always Remember the Years I had with Buddy. He would always come running back after I would trow him a ball

Well Rest in Peace Buddy and Shelby
Love, your Friend


Buddy by Toria


ever since you died things haven’t been the same old summers without you hanning about at my Cousin’s home. One thing my rabbit Shadow died a couple years after you pass on so I miss you Buddy.
Rest in peace.

Well anyway your Owner Aillson has 2 awesome Labadors named Bailey and Shebly at least they are with me to keep me happy.
I love you and miss you boy.


Buddy by Toria / Toria

Buddy was a great friend. He would love to play fetch with me. He was always there waiting for me to play with him. Since his death, my cousin Ailson now has 2 great Labradors named Bailey and Sellby so his life lives on in honor of Buddy 1994 – 1998


Shadow by Toria


I really Loved you. I miss you greatly playing with you in the hot summer sun. It’s winter now I really wish you made it till your 16th birthday old friend.
Anyways I love you dearly and miss you.

I love you, Toria.

I really miss you
in the summer time, too,
it reminds me of the memories
I cherished of you.