Sarge by Tyson / My Best Friend

1992 – July 12th 2004

We were looking to buy a dog one day. My Mom wanted a poodle and my Dad and I wanted something a little larger. Through the corner of my eyes, peered the tips of 2 furry ears of which I thought might have been a rabbit. As I looked closer, there was Sarge. He was no larger than a football glaring up at me with wide-eyed curiosity. I picked him up and knew that he was the one. We took him home in a laundry basket lined with blankets…

Over the course of the first few months Sarge was running about and learning new things. I only had to instruct him 3 times to sit and give paw. He showed so much joy in learning new things and he learned so fast. Later in life, he abused this by using it to ask for food when he’d see me eating although a simple no would cause him to sigh and walk away. There are so many things I miss about this dog. As so many people who own a pet know (especially this great breed of dog), that they are so much more than that. They quickly become another essential part of the family unit. Sarge never favored Me my Mom or Dad, he showed the same love for all of us equally. He would leave food in his bowl unless all of us were home. If one person were missing he would wait for their return before he finished eating.

His hips started losing there strength a few years ago but he was still a very happy, playful, puppy at heart with a strong mind and a higher sense of duty. He never barked unless it was something worth taking notice of. At 12 years of age it was almost as if overnight his legs went completely, unable to go down the stairs without collapsing and we knew that this wonderful life that entered ours would be leaving soon as we would not allow him to suffer and even for us who’s hearts were breaking to see such a majestic and powerful dog fall to this affliction.

On the last night he couldn’t sleep in the house because of his pain and not being able to shift his weight wasn’t helping. He was panting both in pain and from the heat. I motivated him to go into the backyard were I watched him rest on the cool grass while I sat outside over night and guarded him making sure that he felt safe and comfortable. The hours till sunset came against my wishes. I brought him a big bowl of water and some milk bones. I had sobbed most of the night as Sarge lay resting. He looked so peaceful and content.

On 9:15 a.m. Monday morning we took him to the vet. Sarge was so happy and with all of his energy forced himself to walk because he loved to go on his walks except this time he would join me in the back of the car to begin his voyage into forever peace. I held him tightly and kissed him and told him how much he was loved and I know he knew how much the family loved him and the pain of missing him would be great but that we were going to play together again sometime.

Sarge touched us, and so many others with his friendly and loving personality. He was good with children that felt compelled to pet him in the park, showing patience and love, he played with other dogs and even shared his ball. He would play bite at your clothes while never even touching your skin. He was a proud and mighty guardian that would chase butterflies when he knew everyone close to him was safe and that his job was done. You taught us so much about honor, loyalty and devotion. It was a privilege to have shared our life with you and to provide you with a full, loving existence.

This is to my best friend, my little brother. Thank you Sarge! Thank you for all the wonderful memories. We will always hold you in our hearts and look forward to seeing you again so that we can play hide and seek once more.

With perpetual Love
Your family
Tyson, Charlie and Monica