Sweet Pea

To my dearly beloved budgie–You left me suddenly & way too soon. You were such a sweet and funny little bird & I miss you very much. You’ll be forever in my heart & I’ll always love you. Fly free little one & sleep in heavenly peace. RIP


To my dearly beloved English Budgie—Ever since you passed away, the birdcage looks very empty & terribly lonesome without you inside. There’s a huge void inside my heart since you left me. I’ll always love you with all my heart & soul. You shall remain forever in my heart & you will be deeply missed forever. Fly free into heaven my sweet little one & sleep in heavenly peace  🙏🐦🌈💐🌹🌼❤️


To our dearly beloved Fluffy—You were such a very good kitty & we miss you very much. The house feels empty, extremely quiet & terribly lonesome without you. We’ll truly miss your purrs, meows, love, & affection. You will remain forever in our hearts & we’ll always love you forever…Sleep in heavenly peace…RIP sweet kitty 🐱🌈💐🌹🌼❤️💖