Captain by Colin & Julie

Farewell to our little Captain, a lovely three legged little man who came into our lives several years ago after weeks of living in our garden and then deciding to come through the cat flap and join our family of cats and pets.  Now left us after a bravely fought short illness. 

How we will miss you Captain, running up and down the stairs and up to your table for your food as fast as your little legs could carry you, and as fast as any of the other cats! Of course, we will never forget the way you guarded Skittles and her kittens when she gave birth. You were her good friend.




Bobby by Colin & Julie

Farewell little man, taken without warning. You will always be in our thoughts and hearts….a little cat who loved cars and motorbikes and going for walks with Daphne the Dog.

Sleep well Bobby, missed by your special cat friend Patty, and Dixy, Chester, Tootsal, and Captain the cats, Smokie the Cockatiel and your doggie friend Daphne.

Rest peacefully old friend