Jackson by Denise Cashmere, “Your Mom”

Rest in Peace my buddy Jackson. You brought so much into my life with your gentle personality. People always exclaimed how big and handsome you were. You were not only my buddy, but my protector too. My memories of you swatting toys from your tower, your love of the front porch and your ways to seek heat wherever and under whatever you could find will always make me smile. You on my lap was the best feeling of all!

Ella by Denise Cashmere / Your “Mom”

Rest In Peace my little Ella. You were always a unique cat who only did what you wanted to, but I so enjoyed your little quirks. Your love of vegetable greens and delivery of toys to my bed each night are good memories. I am sorry that sickness made you act so differently and that your life was much too short. Neither one of us liked it, but I did all that I could to help you.