Mickey by Frances and Ron Miles / Mom and Dad

To our beloved Mickey,

I remember the first day when we went to get you from your first owners, you were so cute. All black and white with a red collar. The little girl that used to owned you named you Mickey after Mickey Mouse. And we kept that name for you. We thought it fit perfectly. You were so much fun and we spoiled you rotten. Ron my husband didn’t want a dog at first, but I told him I would like one so I would have some protection while he worked 2nd shift. But when you came my husband took you over. You were like two peas in a pod.He took you everywhere with him.You were his fishing buddy,his companion,his side kick.

You shared 13 beautiful years with us. I thank God that you died of old age and at home.
When you left us July 2, 2004, you took part of our heart with you. And our life will never be the same, ever again. The only thing that gets me by each day is that, part of our heart that is missing is with you to keep you company until we meet again. We still have the video of you through out the years that you were with us.
I watch that from time to time.And that helps me cope. We will always love you forever.


Amanda by Ron and Fran Miles / Mom

Amanda was our precious girl that was part of our lives for eight years. She had her own personality. She was a sweet girl and was spoiled rotten. She was lost when my Husband passed away September 12th 2011. And little did I know she joined him Febuary 27th 2012. She died from throat cancer. I love and missed them both so much. I will see them again. You are in my heart always.


Mickey by Ron and Fran Miles / Love,

Mom and Dad

Our beatiful Mickey came to us in 1991. I wanted a dog to protect me while my husband worked nights. At first my husband didn’t want one, but fell in love with him as time went on. Mickey and my husband were like two peas in a pod. My husband would take him everywhere he went. Mickey was his fishing partner when night fishing. When he pass on, part of us died. To help me get over the grief I believed that Mickey took that part with him when he went. That way he wouldn’t miss us so much. And I believe that we will see him again when our time comes.