In Memory of


As Dad drove you to Baytown on his birthday to meet “Rescue Road Trips” in the rain,

Not quite halfway there, he called home then brought you back to San Antonio again,

You heard very little in the world around you but never seemed to miss a beat,

Even solemn faces of people you passed brightened as you ambled down the street,

The most easygoing, entertaining, adorable puppy to come our way,

 Nearly seven years our sweet girl, we’re so grateful for that one perfect stormy day.

Eve by Frank and Maureen / Mom and Dad

In Memory of
First spotted romping with Adam behind a jogger one September afternoon, Hopped on mom’s lap in the driver’s seat, certain of arriving at your new home soon,

You kept your canine brothers and sisters in line, led the pack on nearly every walk, When encountering four legged strangers along the way, you often stopped to talk,

Our larger-than-life, sweet, gorgeous, bright-eyed girl, with your constantly wagging tail, Twelve years our puppy here, forever in Heaven, we’ll reunite on the Rainbow Bridge trail.


Adam by Frank and Maureen / Mom and Dad

In Memory of

You sprang into our life with Eve one September day,
Though your sister yearned to roam, you preferred to stay,

Laid back except during storms and when enjoying snacks,
You enveloped our home in peace, reminded us to relax,

Nine short years we walked with you, a truly perfect friend,
Never asked for anything — with you our love we send.



Tribute to Frieda


You walked and ran us thousands of miles,

Greeted us with full body wags and smiles,

Regarded all humans you knew as your peers,

Comforted Grandma through her final years,

Accepted your decline with dignity and grace,

We’ll never forget your sweet, loving face.


Monday, June 3, 1991 – the day we found you – and joy in our lives