Dearest Eliot,

I believe you knew how much you were loved, especially by your parents, Melinda and Clint. I loved you very much too. In fact, I nearly stole you from them! When I met you in 2005, I almost packed you up to take you home with me! But it worked out for you to stay with my sister and brother-in-law. You were loved so much by them, your brother Blake and your friend (and sometimes sparring partner!) Rossetti. I take comfort that you are with Blake now, finally reunited. You were such a wonderful cat, Eliot. I will miss gazing into your beautiful eyes and having “conversations” with you. I am so grateful that Melinda and Clint rescued you all those years ago and you got to live your life in such a loving home. For all the love they gave you, you loved them back! You will be missed, my sweet Eliot.

Blake by Melinda & Clint / Julie

Dearest Blake,

I hope you know how much you were loved, especially by your parents, Melinda and Clint. They love and miss you so very much. The joy you brought to their lives is indescribable, as is the pain of losing you. They tried their very best to save you. And though your body could not be saved, I know your soul was and is. You may have struggled at the end, but I know you are alright now. Your brother Elliott and Rossetti will both miss you too. The household will never be the same without you. And although your passing has left a hole in our hearts, the love and memories of you will someday fill that hole up again. You meant the world to Melinda and Clint. Wherever you are now, please wait for them so that you are the first soul they see when they leave this world too. I will miss you, Blake. I hope you know that.