by Monique Morin / Love mommy

When you came to me at 4 mths old, you came with the name Patches. I wanted to change your name. I was sitting on the couch with you laying on my lap. At the same time, the sun was shining through the window and leaving a rainbow color on your fur. The rainbow had me thinking the skittles candy, with a rainbow of flavors and that is how you got your name.


by Monique Morin / Mommy

My Peaches, you have been in my life since you were a little fluffball. I know the years have creeped up so quickly and now you’re gone. I am so sorry, of what I had to put you through at the end of our togetherness. I could see you failing away. I couldn’t take you with me, so I had to put you in a place that would take care of you until the end.

I just found out, that you lasted only a month.
What is really spooks me, is I saw a video of a cat that washed up on governor’s island and I swear it is you. She has the same markings and features of you.

I love you and I will always miss you, and I will see you again.