♥CASEY♥ by Susan & Walter H. / Your whole Family!

CASEY was our first purebred dog and after careful consideration, we decided on a Labrador Retriever. Shortly after adopting her from her breeder, we decided we wanted to become breeders and to show our Casey – “Asklar’s Star Light Wish””, hence Wishingstar Kennel. Although we never finished her Championship, she got a couple of recognitions in Show. She gave us 3 beautiful litters and was a good Mom to 27 puppies. She also grandmothered 2 litters from two of her own pups and proved to be a good grandmother, getting right into the boxed area and playing with her grandbabies. It was very upsetting to learn that she had Liver Cancer as we watched her enjoy her last summer swimming and running around the front yard. We miss you terribly Casey…forever in our thoughts and our hearts!”