Tasha by Steve Ellis / Daddy & Mommy

Our sweet Tasha left us yesterday,leaving a hole in our hearts. We are going to miss you sweet pea. We’ll never forget how happy you were doing your swimmies. You liked to keep the other dogs in their place but you were always so sweet and tender with people, always looking to give kisses. We’ll miss your big brown eyes and stroking your soft fur. You were quite a timid girl yet so bold with other dogs. How you didn’t like them to have any toys! Now that you don’t hurt anymore, run like the wind, just as you did when you were young. I pray we’ll be together again, never to be separated. Play nice with the pack until we get there.

Silky T
That’s me!


Ramsay by Steve Ellis / Daddy

My beloved Ramsay has been freed from his failing body. A victim of osteosarcoma and arthritis, he no longer suffers and can now run on four legs instead of the three left to him at the end. Run silly my friend. How your loping strides seemed both goofy and sweet. I’ll miss you until the day I die Ramsay. Not seeing you lick water while I’m in the shower, not hearing you barking when I come home, no longer sticking your head out the car window and watching your big ears and jowls flapping in the wind, these are the things I will miss my friend. You’ll always be my hodoo hound buddy. Ancient and wizened in hodoo houndism. Rams-a-roni, the Jackson Jersey beast! Run with the pack my friend. I hope we will be together again. I love you Ramsay.


by Steve Ellis / Daddy

Hey Silky T. It’s been one year now since you left. I hope you’re well and playing nice with the Ellis pack. I miss you so much baby, feeling your soft, silky fur beneath my fingers. Not hearing your soft snoring next to me in bed. You were a good girl and daddy misses you. I have a nice painting of you and pictures galore but they’ll never replace feeling the warmth of your body when I cuddled with you or getting those tender kisses. I love you Tasha. I hope to see you again at the bridge, where we will never be parted. Till then sweet pea, be a good girl.


by Steve Ellis / Daddy

My sweet and gentle boy Ramsay has been gone for a year now. I still miss you, my Hoodoo Hound. How I would love to hear your bark again as I come to the front door or you sticking your head into the shower to lick the water while I was in there. I miss your flapping ears, jowls, and wide eyes when we went for car rides. I hope you are running with all of the other dogs, especially the Ellis pack. I still wonder if you think I did the right thing with your amputation. I hope so. If not, I hope you’ll forgive me. I tried to do the best I could. I hope Tasha is good to you. I also hope they have plenty of treats for you! I love you my friend and hope we will be together again one day. Until then run free buddy.