Pennzoile by suze / Your mom

Pennzoil was found inside a truck engine. Covered in cuts, grease, oil and full of parasites, no one believed the 4 week old kitten would survive. But I knew. I figured any kitten with a mouth loud enough to yell her where location as a truck drove down the road was determined to live! And live she would….for over 16 years.

From the moment I picked her up, I knew she was special. Frankly, so did she. Not happy being a cat, she took on the role of protector and guardian of the house, along side her big yellow Lab sister. In fact, if Pennz could talk, I’m sure she’d deny EVER being born a cat!

She was sweet, loving, so special and beloved. I will miss her always. May she find joy being reunited with Emma, her Lab sister, and may they both await for me at the Rainbow Bridge. Surely God loves our animal heros as much as we do, or He’d never see fit to join us together so firmly with such love.