Chucky Spinola

Chucky served as a K-9 till a shoulder injury for the Orange County Sheriffs office in Florida, We were in the right place at the right time to meet his handler/owner Bryan Hughes, where he needed a new home. We brought him home and he bonded with the wife immediately and she became his person. He did go from that K-9 strict dog to a loving family fulltime pet, always protecting and being there for you.

He had the opportunity to go to many Celtic festivals and a road trip from Florida all the way to South Dakota, everywhere we traveled he was by our side.

Chucky will be missed, but never forgotten, he is now at peace.

Nicholas Dement Spinola

Our Nick came to me with my wife when we married, but he was always there for me thru all the recoveries from my surgeries. Always in my arm. He was indeed a lap cat, and his purr was the loudest I have ever heard! You always knew he was in the room or near you.

As he reached his 19th year his purr was getting quieter and, in a moment, everything went! He was indeed my buddy, always there to make me feel better, He will be missed the most.