Aztec by Nancy Tully / Mommy

A friend of mine found a beautiful Doberman running on a busy road one day. She didn’t have a collar or tags. He owned 3 beautiful dobies himself and knew how much I loved them. He called and told me to come over, that he had a surprise for me. Well, half a hour later I was driving home with a full grown dobie hanging her head over my seat back.
I named her Aztec.

She always slept in between my husband and myself and would push us with her feet to the edges of the bed. One day I came home with a beautiful wicker bed and cushion. She wanted nothing to do with it. My husband suggested that I get in it to give her the idea.
Dog lover that I am, I did.

Within a week she would haunt me to go to bed. I would get in my bed and read. She would get in her bed and she had to be covered with a flannel blanket. I still have that bed and I think of her often. My other dog Boofie wanted nothing to do with it. He thought it was a big chew toy. They have both gone onto the Rainbow Bridge along with my first dog, Caine. I hope they are all running around and looking over me.


With all my love and devotion always,
Nancy Tully