B.C. as known as Baby Cat by Christin / Love, your mommy

Well the things I can remember about her was when I was little she would come up on my porch and my daddy was kinda afraid of cats but he was a teaser, too. She’d claw her nails in the storm screen door and then he finally said that since I was little and had a baby face and she did to that she’d be my baby cat. I was just 2 yrs old and my heart was filled with joy when I got my first baby kitten. We named her B.C. She loved where we lived; we lived on a little farm and she’d play all the time.

When I was 16 yrs old we moved from our home to a little ranch house. She didn’t take the move to well. We were afraid she’d get out of the house and try to go back home. My daddy died when I was 8 yrs old, but any way we have lived in our home now for 4 yrs, then she started getting really bad sick, some of her sickness she pulled through it. This one she wasn’t able to fight. She got dehydrated and stopped eating or drinking, and she would moan at night. Other things she used to do stopped too. It killed me inside to know I couldn’t help her.

Then 5 days later when I was asleep at 5:30 in the morning she passed away. Apart of me died along with her. We have other animals and they need my love and attention too, but my mom really has been there to help me through the grieving. I miss her so much but I am glad she’s not in anymore pain. She’s with my father in heaven and my family. I wanted her to die at home and not at the vet. I know it may sound bad not to have put her down sooner but I didn’t want her to die at the hands of a vet and not understand. But I will always cherish the times I had and my family had with her.

I know one day I will get to play and be with her again, but it won’t stop me from hurting. I love you B.C and thank you for giving me good times and loving me unconditionally. We will miss you.
Your family and mom. Christin


I love you and will miss you ,
B.C. as known as Baby Cat