B.J. by Quennie Lanada Bonney / Mommy (Quennie)

My dear sweet boy with such angelic face |
You’re the glue that kept the pack together.
With your antics, we were very amazed |
Now you’re gone, but will not be forgotten.

I hope you are at peace and fit again |
Free from suffering, misery’s no more.
Although my heart is in a lot of pain |
Hope I did the right thing in letting go.

B.J., as in my own Baby Jesus |
I know you’re already playing with “Him”.
Smile, be happy, and be free of pain, too |
No longer blind, and things no longer dim.

Yet my heart, longing for you, still aches |
Your kisses and funny antics I miss.
I yearn to see again your loving face |
All over, you again soon will be kissed.

Now you’re gone, but only physically |
Still I don’t know how I will make it.
You’re loved and missed very much by the pack |
I miss you dearly, my sweet little “mutt”.

I love you and miss you, my lil BJ |
As a tribute to you, we will move on.
Until the day we cross the Rainbow Bridge |
Your mem’ries will just have to see us through.

When the day comes to cross the bridge jointly |
We will cross it together happily.
We’ll never be apart from that day on |
Wait for mommy while you play all day long.

~ My darling boy, our memories together will be embedded in our minds and etched in our hearts eternally. I will always love you. Until we meet again … ~


Missing you deeply,
5, Sep 2008
Quennie Lanada Bonney