Babs by Tara Bowyer / Love,

mommy and your bestfriend Sara

Babs your life was long and hard sleeping outside in snow and rain having lots and lots of puppies only weighing 25 pounds with a hole in your side. The day I brought you home you didn’t even look back in the car ride. We brought you home and fixed you up gave you a bed in the house with Buster and fattened you up to 45 pounds.
You were a big girl.

You had a happy life but arthritis took over your old body you didn’t move as fast and your hair started to fall out. We had to make the hard decision to send you to god. Sara Grandma and me stayed with you and held you I told you that it was ok and that I was sorry but you wouldn’t be in pain anymore. I knew it was best; we all cried.

We brought you home and put you in a grave in the yard. We layed you on your bed and we said goodbye. We all miss you, Babs, but I know we will see you again someday in heaven where you will wait like an inpatient puppy with a ball in your mouth waiting for us to throw it for you and waiting to curl up on a couch with Buster. I know that Buster can’t wait to see you again. We all love and miss you.


I love you,
9, Aug 2005
Tara Bowyer