Baby by Darin N Leila Kimmel / Love always Darin , Leila , Twinky, and Porch

She came into our lives and stole our hearts … everyday was a day of joy and laughter … you brought so much joy and love to alot of people’s lives. You even showed people who feared dogs how to trust a dog because of the kind of heart you had you brought so much to alot of our lives … we’ve had you for 14 great years and still taught we had at least a couple more
years with you but you now fly with angels above us all … we just want you to know they’ll never be another dog like you … you are unique and special to us all … will always have a special place for you in all of our hearts … we miss you baby !!!


We will always love you and you will be missed greatly !!!
23, Aug 2014
Darin N Leila Kimmel