Baby by Darlene Zagata / Darlene, Tiffany, Travis,
Jeremy, Jason, Ange

Such a precious little baby
came unexpectedly into my life
and instantly captured my heart
as I fell for him in his plight.
His body was tender and fragile
but his heart held so much love.

Although our time together was brief
the bond between us grew strong.
Though I cared for you with such diligence
God decided to call you home.
I prayed and asked God for a miracle,
to let you survive and grow.

He gave me another instead–
a miracle of a different sorts.
He sent you to me for a short time
to fill my heart with your love–
A special love you gave–
unconditional, innocent and true.
I returned that gift of love to you.
Now I write with shaky hands
and tearful heart of our special bond
that will forever live within my heart.


Much loved and sadly missed by,
12, July 2003
Darlene Zagata