Baby by Dwight and Mandy / Mandy & Dwight

Baby came into my families and my life when I was almost five years old. She IS beautiful, then and now. She was the baby. She slept when my family slept and when there was something wrong, Baby knew. When Baby was home during the day, when I was at school, and my mother and father at work, she waited by the door until we were home again.

She is the kind of pet that a person could only beg to love. I use to dress her up like she was really my baby girl. Hair bows and all…that was a wonderful time in our lives. That is why it was so hard to put her down. I never thought of not having her around me. That was a reality check for us all. She was sick and she was always beautiful, and we won’t going to let her suffer and let it get to her. But when that hard day came, we had the vet put her down and wouldn’t hear of them messing with her.

Made sure that there was no pain. But I don’t think I could ever forget the day when daddy came out and had her wrapped up nice and neat. We buried her by the rose bush. A place special to all of us. A place that was beautiful but not as beautiful as Baby. Now what was right was done and the pain has stopped and she is able to run without hurting.


Always remembering you,
Dwight and Mandy