Baby by Erin and Rebecca / your family

I remember when I first got you. I got you because I had a wild rabbit. (it was a baby and I found it and it was bleeding.) But, after it got older my mom told me it`s time to let go. It was hard but finally I took that rabbit out side I said good bye. I let go and he hopped away. My mom said we could get a bunny that belonged inside. I picked you out
than we went home.

After 3 mouths my mom said we can`t handle these rabbits (I had 2) Our house smells like a farm! My sister boyfriend`s dad breads rabbit so he took them. He lives in IL so I couldn`t talk to him that much. Then my sister moved in with him and her boyfriend and my uncle. Then I called my sister to talk. She said that the other bunny was doing fine. Then I said AWWW! How`s baby? Then she said I`m sorry hunny but he died last week. He was very sick he had to suffer for at least 1 year. WE miss him very much. Every day I look at the pictures of him. I NEVER know that the day he left for IL would be our last time together.


Gone but, NEVER forgotten,
23, June 2005
Erin and Rebecca