Baby by Jackie / Mommy

One morning, a few days before Christmas, 1979, my dad opened the door to our house. He called me to the door. We were surprised to find a beautiful black dog curled up by our doorstep!Apparently, someone had dropped her off on the road, and she walked up to our house. She gave birth to a few puppies a few days later (which was why someone dropped her off at our house). We found homes for the puppies later.

I named her “Baby.” During the time that she lived at our house, we discovered that she could jump up on our car! She even liked to curl up on the roof of our car.
She hated to have a flea collar put on her neck. She would run around the yard, while my dad and I would chase her with the flea collar. After finally catching her, one of us would put the collar on her neck. Thereafter, she would run around the yard with her tail between her legs for a few days.

We loved and cared for Baby for seven years and three months until she passed away. My dad found her in the woods just one day before my husband and I got married. My sister and I cried when my dad told us the news. However, we had to get ready for a wedding, too!I am so glad that someone gave me an early Christmas gift in 1979.

Baby was truly a special dog!


Love forever,