Baby by Mayra Alvarez / Your Mommy

Baby was only 3 weeks old when I got her, she would wabble, she was so chunky and cute, completely white, Oh I fell in love with her since I saw her.
My son’s girlfriend gave her to me. She never left our site she was playful and really loving doggy. We moved more towards the country, they call it the Estates here, Baby was always running around, you could not keep her inside the house for that long.

One morning I get up and I notice baby was walking with only 3 leggs, I got worried and took her to the vet, he said it was broken and they did surgery, well Baby never put that leg down again, we never found out how she broke her hind leg. 6 months later it was the other leg, this time something had bitten her, oh I was so sad when I saw her walking with all her back side of the body up in the air and just walking with her 2 front legs,,Poor baby.
I took her again to the vets, he said it was s snake, and she had to be put down because she was suffering. I told my husband I did not want to know when they were going to do it, but I had to call and find out, Baby had been put down that morning, I was at work and I had to leave because it was too much for me.

I thought I would be able to handle it ok, but when I thought about her closing her eyes forever and that I would never see that little crazy Maltese running all over my house, My heart broke into thousands of pieces, it was like if a part of me had gone forever.
I will always miss her and her big round eyes. You know what the worst part of it is, that when she was sick and I looked in her eyes I could see her pain but I could also see that she wanted to live, she was still a baby, she did not want to go like this.

Im sorry Baby I did what I thought was right, I hope you can forgive me and know that I always loved you, you were my little girl. Today and every time I see a doggy, Baby comes to my mind.

I have a white chihuahua “Stewy” he is my little angel, But Baby no matter what you will always be my Baby.


With Love
Mayra Alvarez