BABY by Skip

July 24th 2002

How do you say good-bye,
to this free spirit?
Always mischievous,
the center of attention,
with unrelentless affection.
The little girl with a mind of her own,
made her marks in all the parts of the home.
Chew toys were always abundant,
whether carpet or chairs,
house molding or stairs,
articles of clothing left insight,
cable wires and important papers,
were much to Baby’s delight.
Wolfies’ little sister was a fearless hunter too,
devouring a host of “predators”
squirrels a bat a few birds and grasshoppers
just to name a few.
Her warbled howl,
music to the ear..
now will echo down from heaven,
for the world to hear.

God Bless You Baby Girl
Your loving aunt



24, July 2002