Baby Newman by Misty Newman


Where are you at my best friend.
I can not tell you. I can not see you.
I can not hear you.
I can not talk you but what I am feeling
I am so lost with you in my life

The first time I meet you
I know that we would
be best friends for life.
I did not know that there would be a day
that you were not there for me
to talk to hold to see to here

I did not want that day to come
when I lost you.
My best freind was gone and
a part of me was gone.
Who was I going to talk to about all of my feelings to
but I know that I can go to your grave
and talk to you.
Still you are with me
where ever I go you are
by my side all the time.

You are always in my haert and in my soul.
I will not forget you.
You will always be my best friend and
when that day comes for me
to see you again
I will be happy to see you and
tell you and see you and
tell you how I feel.

This is for you baby because
you were there for me
when ever I need you.
Thank you for being my best friend.

With all my love for you baby




Baby Newman
7, Aug 2002
Misty Newman