Bailey by Allison / Mama Alli

May 5th 1997 – June 30th 2007
The day that you picked me to be your mommy willbe a day that I will remember forever. You are and always will be the love of my life.
Bailey was diagnosed with Auto Immune Disorder on June 28. She was able to come home the next day with a bag full of pills to try and help suppress her immune system to bring up her red blood cells. Well Friday night the 28th she started having seizers. That night was rough for her because she fought so hard to stay with me. We made it through the night. Only to have our normal vet say that it was her time to go.
So as Dr. Chris gave you the shot. I held you in my arms and with your last look you told me that you understood and loved me too.

You taught me patients, forgiveness, and most of all love. You loved me when I was sick, crying, moody, upset, sad and happy. You loved me for who I am. And I can’t even say that much about myself.

You showed me what love really is. Love is unconditional. And that is what you gave me. Your time with me was cut short. 10 years is just not enough. I never imagined that I would ever loose you. You were supposed to be with me forever. You were going to be there when I had kids. To be their first dog. You made an impact on everyone you met. Even in your last days you were the best girl in the world.

The vets and staff at the ER could not believe how good you were for being in so much pain. It was the hardest thing that I will ever go through watching you pass.

I hope you know how much you are loved.
You mean the world to me and I will always love you.


I will always love you,